The story of my misteak


by Storywriter53

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Have you ever had a time that you felt that you had an situation you could never could get out of? It happened to me, and lets just say it was unpleasant. However there was a thing that make change my views.

So what happened that made me change my view? Some thing that made my change  views, and lets just say I learn from the hard way.

Back when I was fourteen years old, was when it all started. I felt was peer pressure by the whole society ( bullied, Criticized, ect.). I felt the only people do is criticized me. The way I write, draw, look, and think stuff through.  I felt that it was going to haunt me forever, and I will for ever be a outcast in this world.

I decided one day I would take twenty dollars from my mom’s purse and go across the road to dollar general to get me snacks to perk up my mood for a few hours.  It was the middle of march and it was very busy road.  I didn’t care. I went across the road and  went into the shop and brought my snacks and went back  onto the road. At the same time, an  large white truck came out of no where, and hit me.

I blacked out for about an half of hour .  Little I know that I had an second chance.  I later discovered that I broken a few bones in my back, a pelvis bone, and a hip bone. Nothing was affected in the organs. I was lucky to be alive. She also told me  I was going to be in the wheel chair for a while.

When I was in the hospital.  I was visited by my family waiting at my bed side and a few notes and gifts. Some of the notes were from family members and friends, but what surprised me is the whole school gave me  large book and it said: get well Joseph. It had all of my teachers and some of my classmates names on it. I would show you the cover, but sadly I lost it.

After a week of the hospital, I was shipped to the Healthcare of Atlanta. Where I had to physical therapy.

While i was in Health care of Atlanta, I learned about how worst my situation was. These kids had it worst. There was a kid who was suffering from cancer. A kid who got hit by a car (like me) , and it affected him mentally.  An guy who fell in a coma on the floor and couldn’t get off the floor and he was put in a wheel chair.

It was painful for me to walk at first, but it got easier for me each day.

Health care of Atlanta was not all that bad.  First reason  was that I got to make the nurses laugh with my awesome jokes.  Second reason was I got to meet the Georgia’s governor’s wife. Third reason I got to meet bikers, and they thought I was girl at first because I was wearing an purple, green, and pink hat.  Last reason was that the Nurse told me that I was going to be  int the Healthcare of Atlanta for  a month or two. I was only in that Children’s Hospital for only seven days.

I wish I had kept some of those pictures, so I could show you some of the pictures that I had in the  hospital. However I lost those pictures, so i cant show you( bummer).

After I got back on my feet, I realize I was given a second chance to live. When I told people about the car crash. people was treating me with respect. They were probably thinking: “This guy got in a car crash and walked back after a  two weeks! Respect!!!” or ” This guy survive an truck accident”

If you are in a situation and you think you can’t get out.  I will tell you, You can.  You  do have an purpose in life.

   Hope and wishes,


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